One Year of Letters to Emma

Dear Emma,

Guess what?! Well, you probably don’t have to guess anything because the title of this post, but it’s fun to say that anyway.

That’s right, it has been one whole year since I started this blog. If you want to see my first ever post, exactly 366 days ago (it’s a leap year), it’s here. But don’t look at it for too long. I have definitely gotten better at blogging since I started 😉

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that. ME. I did something for a whole year without giving up. I’m pretty sure that’s a first in my life. I’m so proud of me.

Anyway, I didn’t spend three hours recording and editing this video to say everything I’m going to say in the written introduction. Oh, I haven’t mentioned the video yet.

Yes, as inspired by Elm and L, I have recorded my voice (I am just going to apologise now for how terrible it sounds) instead of writing, because I think I can talk better than I write.

But for some reason my microphone settings were up really high so every time I say the letter “P” or “D” or “F” or anything that rhymes, your ears may be a tiny bit assaulted.

ANYWAY, before I have apologised so much that you are expecting this to be terrible, here you go! Enjoy 🙂

What did you think? I am actually terrified of this being uploaded, so I want to know all of your opinions. Do you want me to do more things like this in the future? Or would you like me to burn this and never do it again? Let me know!

About the singing thing, I’m still not sure but maybe I shall do something in the future 😉

Also when editing this I realised that I didn’t shout out half the people I wanted to, so Aspen, Em, Ambi, Alex and everyone else, I’m sorry I forgot you. You are all amazing and I love what you do 🙂

I’m sorry for the bullshit pretentious conclusions that I sometimes come to in this, and for repeating myself about 1000 times over. I had to edit so much out of this because I was talking for so long…oops…

Anyway, (ready for another cringey conclusion),

Again, thank you all so so much for an amazing year, and hopefully there will be a lot more to come 😀

Love from,






47 thoughts on “One Year of Letters to Emma

  1. I swear, I could just hug you. You’re so so SO amazing, and don’t you DARE forget it. We ARE so similar, and I can safely say you’re my best blogging friend, and an AMAZING FRIEND BESIDES. You speak so well, and you’re so genuine. Also you speak like me it’s scary.

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  2. thoughtfultash

    I’m so so so proud of you! Your blog is honestly an inspiration to us all. You are so kind, down to earth and you just listen to us all and are so caring. It meant to much you mentioned me-I can’t describe how happy its made me. I’m so happy we got to hear your voice-you DO sound like Elm haha! But congratulations on blogging for one who year, I honestly cannot wait till I’ve spent a year on here! This post literally makes me want to cry with happiness, you sum up the blogging community so well.-Tash xxx

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  3. I CAN FINALLY CALL YOU BY YOUR NICKNAME IN THE COMMENTS HORAA!! T that is the single most cutest thing I have ever heard and I love you sosososososososososososososo much and wow 1 whole year! Is AMAZING! I am sooo proud of you!

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  4. I’m so pleased that you did this, and so proud of you both for the recording, and for revealing your name! By the way, I absolutely love love love your name; it’s brilliant, and yet so simple. Congratulations on one year of bligging; I don’t think I’ll ever get that far with blogging, but I’m so glad you have. Your blog is amazing, your letters – if I cam OK to call them that – are so true, and so relateable. It’s literally like reading my mind, but without realising that that part of my mind exists. thank you so much for writing, for blogging, and for being you and being amazing. XXXXX

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  6. Ahhhh Tara!! I love this 🙂 your voice sounds different though 😀 – rather calming in fact
    Thank you so much for the shout out too, you deserve so so much acknowledgement for what you have done! Much love ❤ ❤

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